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Farzin Farzad


Farzin Farzad is an Organizational Justice practitioner with experience in higher education, local government, and the private sector. Holding two master’s degrees in international affairs and diplomacy as well as a certificate in conflict resolution skills, Farzin leverages his unique academic background, extensive travel experience, and experiential knowledge to provide comprehensive, thought-provoking local and global approaches to his work. In addition to training and education programs, Farzin is a seasoned project manager with expertise in developing strategies that build equitable workplace environments and government services, as well as Employee Resource Group events and programs. Farzin is the founder of Critical Equity Consulting, LLC, a boutique Organizational Justice consulting firm focused on helping organizations rebuild with a primary focus on creating equitable outcomes.

Ulduz Berenjforoush Azar


Ulduz Berenjforoosh Azar has a diverse background in numbers, having had 7+ years of Finance experience working in the tech industry at various stages and sizes. About 5 years ago she then was able to convert her quantitative experience into the people world. In People Analytics, she has supported the end-to-end employee experience and programs through numbers from recruiting to HR, designing and deploying surveys, headcount and DEI analysis, promotion and calibration descriptive analysis as well as people metrics analysis and dashboards. Ulduz received her bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and holds a master’s in Finance. She currently oversees Critical Equity Consulting’s data People Analytics operations.


Justice Collaborators

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Centering Equity and Justice

Systems Oriented

Systemic and cultural change is the only real, lasting way to influence how we show up and interact in the workplace. Well-being is determined by our environments, and so our focus is building equitable and just organizational systems. 

Inclusive & Dynamic

Inclusion, while best achieved by building an equitable foundation, requires continued commitment and agility. In our ever-evolving and globalizing world, we need the right tools to be able to interact inclusively across many cultures. 

Solidarity & Safety

Psychological safety is a necessary component of organizational health. We take inclusion to the next level by addressing and distributing power as the key step to cultivating deep, meaningful relationships; and thus creating an environment where psychological safety is the default.

Mission Driven

Humans have an inherent need to create and feel proud of our labor. However, current organizational structures alienate us from this pride. When we all become stakeholders in our own output, we become more acutely focused on our organization’s mission, in turn satisfying our needs. 

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