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Systemic Organizational Change

The future of work is highly adaptive, psychologically safe, and built with trust and empowerment in mind. These core principals guide our service resulting in highly flexible programs that can adapt to your organization’s evolving needs

Equity Audit

Organizational justice-focused surveys, focus groups, interviews, as well a review of your policies & practices


Half and full-day facilitations on a range of topics


Helping you develop your justice strategy and guiding you through it


Half-day workshops that allow you to apply and operationalize key concepts


Sourcing talent at every level with a focus on diversity

On-Call Consulting

Hourly consultations for short-term needs when you're pressed for time

Equity audit

Data-Led Approach to Transformation

Every organization is unique and on a different path along the journey to becoming equitable and inclusive. For this reason, it is important to gauge your employees’ experiences in the workplace and identify areas of improvement specific to your organization. Our data-informed approach not only allows us to target our interventions to be efficient and maximize benefits for your staff, it is also iterative and informs future interventions based on continued feedback. Confidentiality is our top priority.

Our Equity Audit is founded upon on our Employee Engagement Survey, which assesses perceptions of organizational justice. Our survey asks general questions about the employee experience as well as specific questions related to experiences of diversity, equity, and inclusion. After the survey has completed, we will aggregate the data and provide recommendations. We specialize in providing accessible visualizations of the data to provide a clear understanding of organizational needs, disaggregated by identity category. We additionally provide an abridged “pulse” survey to be administered at the 6-month mark, as well as continued administration of the survey year-on-year to determine trends over time.
If determined to be necessary, we can provide avenues for employees to further share their unique experiences through focus groups and interviews based on seniority or identity category to ensure safe environments for honest dialogue.

We will conduct an equity review of your organization’s policies and procedures to determine if they pose any artificial barriers to growth by identity, and make recommendations for change accordingly.

Working with your Human Resources team, our People Analytics team is able to review the HR data you capture and analyze trends over time to ensure that the interventions that you have developed for diversity recruitment, retention, and promotions are having the desired effects.

Tailored Topics

Mix and match any topics for half and full day trainings or keep them separate for in-depth guided facilitation

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Basics

Foundations of Workplace Culture

Expressions of Power in the workplace

Intercultural Communication

Micro-inequities and Micro-aggressions

Combatting "-isms" and systems of oppression

Implicit Bias and Stereotypes

Overcoming problematic thoughts and behaviors


Overseeing Interventions

For those who are at the start of their organizational justice journeys, we can help you develop a long-term strategy with specific timelines and interventions based on the needs of your organization. By understanding the need for this work and embedding your organizational justice goals into your values in order to developing long-term goals, we can help you develop a long-term strategy that reaps benefits for years to come. 

Along with conducting our structural interventions, we recognize the importance that language and communication plays in organizational health. We specialize in helping organizations develop inclusive communications strategies that build capacity to combat problematic comments and create a richer sense of belonging and camaraderie. We serve as your go-to consultant to review communications through an “equity lens,” as well as provide resources for better understanding the wonderful mosaic of communities that exist in our workplaces. 

We care about this work. That’s why we are committed to helping you develop structures that will continue interventions long after our relationship comes to a close. From helping you develop a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)/Organizational Justice Council, to working with you to develop Solidarity Networks (also known as Affinity Groups or Employee Resource Groups), to assisting you in your search for your next Organizational Justice/DEI Officer or Specialist internal hire, we can help you ensure that this work becomes a permanent staple of your organization’s mission and goals. 


Full-Cycle Staffing

Given the recent global need for either in-house or contract DEI practitioners—particularly our colleagues who are doing impactful work in the areas of equity and justice—we are confident that we can aid organizations in finding the right experts to drive meaningful change

Through our partnership with Dennis Staffing Partners, we can quickly place full-time, part-time, and contract DEI roles.

on-call consulting

For Everything Else

Starting or reviving organizational justice in your company? We can coach and support your transformation work with tested strategies and tactics on an ad-hoc basis. Schedule your free consultation here to get started

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