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Lead with Equity Justice

Rebuild with equity to catalyze a more inclusive, healthy, and psychologically safe workplace

Organizational Justice Consultancy

Democratize the workplace

our framework

Organizational Justice Model

Rebuild with Equity in Mind

a systemic approach to organizational change is the foundation on which a great diversity and inclusion program rests

Diversity programs often fail because organizations haven’t laid down an inclusive and equitable foundation. We focus on rebuilding your organization from the ground up in order to provide an organic path to diversity starting with organizational leadership

Develop a Culture of Inclusion

psychologically safe learning environments are fundamental to the longevity of your organization

Draw Strength from Differences

inclusion is best achieved from the ground up and that is best achieved through a robust Solidarity Group network
Our Services

Commitment to Equity

With the right framework and training, creating dynamic and inclusive working environments can blossom organically, allowing you to catalyze a more healthy and psychologically safe workplace

Equity Audit

Equity-focused surveys, focus groups, interviews, as well reviewing your policies & practices


Half and full-day facilitations on a range of DEI-related topics


Helping you develop your DEI strategy and guiding you through it


Half-day workshops that allow you to apply and operationalize key concepts


Sourcing DEI talent at every level

On-Call Consulting

Hourly consultations for short-term needs


on Power and Responsibility

DEI through the lens of Power and Responsibility

Every organization behaves as an open system that operates in and is inseparable from society. And thus simply by virtue of existing in a particular space, we all have a responsibility to disrupt the effects of legacy systems of oppression in those spaces. Through an understanding of how we wield power at work, we can create truly inclusive cultures that then contribute to better societal outcomes beyond our workplaces.

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Holistic Solutions

Systemic Organizational Change

The future of work is highly adaptive, psychologically safe, and built with trust and empowerment in mind. These core principals guide our service resulting in highly flexible programs that can adapt to your organization’s needs

our team

Equity Team

Farzin Farzad
Organizational Justice
Ulduz Berenjforoush Azar
People Analytics


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Let’s talk about how developing a reputation for being an equitable and inclusive organization is the best tool for your diversity recruitment efforts

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